The LGBT+ Youth Manifesto has been written by young people aged 12-20 from LGBT+ youth groups in the North & Midlands of England. It contains their vision for a world in which LGBT+ youth can live safer, more confident, happier lives.

This manifesto has been developed as part of a project looking at language and LGBT+ identity, carried out by Dr Lucy Jones from the University of Nottingham and funded by a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Grant. In this project, Lucy is exploring how young people navigate norms and ideologies of gender and sexuality in their everyday lives.

As part of the language and LGBT+ identity project, Lucy carried out interviews and focus groups with 32 members of four youth groups between 2018-19. Then, during lockdown in 2020-21, she conducted online workshops with more than 40 additional young people from those groups. The LGBT+ Youth Manifesto combines points made by participants in both sets of activities, and was written and designed with the young people in 2021. 

The Manifesto was shared via a social media campaign during May-June 2021. The young people designed the campaign’s look and feel in collaboration with Charlie Jordin, Digital Officer for the LGBT+ youth homeless charity AKT.


The young people involved in this project represent a range of ages, gender identities, sexualities, socioeconomic class groups, educational backgrounds, families, and ethnic identities. While the manifesto cannot claim to represent the views of all LGBT+ youth, it reflects the shared experiences of young LGBT+ people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In addition to the manifesto, a policy brief detailing the main findings of the study has also been published. The brief, which sets forward five main policy implications from the research project, can be viewed here.

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